Salaries and Benefits

 What can you expect to earn?   More than you think! 

  • All qualified teachers are paid according to pay scales, updated each September by the Government. You will start on the 'main' pay scale and each year, subject to performance, you will move up a step until you reach the maximum level or move on to a scale associated with a different position or level of experience.

  • Did you know that a newly qualified teacher in Wales earns a minimum of £22,467 from September 2008 but could start higher up the scale depending on previous experience?  

England and Wales
(excluding London and fringes)

Inner London Outer London London fringes
Main Pay Scales including newly qualified teachers
MAX £33,160 £38,241 £36,906         £34,249         
MIN £22,467 £28,098 £26,139 £23,547  


In addition to your basic salary, you will also receive a range of benefits, including: 

  • Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments – additional money if you take on additional responsibilities.
  • Teachers' pension – the second largest public sector pension scheme in the country.
  • Holidays – more days than many people in other professions.

The earning power of teachers in Wales, from newly qualified to head teacher status, is far higher than you’d imagine and the profession offers excellent early opportunities to progress fast.    To find out about the teaching pay scale look at the Teachers' Pay Scales (England & Wales) 2015 - 2017.pdf . 


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