Job Satisfaction

 Teaching is a tremendously exciting and rewarding job. How does your current job compare?

  • How exciting is your job?  Research into the differences between working with young people and working with adult colleagues has revealed that teachers view their jobs as unusually exciting, enjoyable and satisfying. To find out click here. 
  • Research has shown that "... teachers gain both short-term and long-term satisfaction from developing pupils; they find the work fulfilling, exciting and extremely varied. The ‘buzz’ around the school and interactions with both pupils and colleagues add to the sense of enjoyment."    Read more at:

Watch our video of a secondary school modern foreign languages teacher and find out what a typical school day is for her, the opportunities for career progression as well as the challenges and benefits of being a teacher.   Just be aware that while there are considerable similarities in teacher training and career progression in Wales to that in England some differences do exist.


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