Q:  Do I need to be able to speak Welsh?

A: Welsh is a core curriculum subject in Wales, and it is compulsory for all students up to the age of 16. However, the ability to speak Welsh is not a requirement for anyone entering teacher training (unless underaking a Welsh medium course). Should you wish to teach in a Primary school ,you will however be required to learn and teach basic Welsh such as the days of the week, numbers and colours for example.
Q: Do I need to sit skills tests in Wales?
A: Students on teacher training courses in Wales are not required to pass the Skills Tests in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT, to obtain Qualified Teacher Status. QTS awarded in Wales is fully recognised in England and beyond. If you train to teach in Wales, then choose to teach in England post qualification, you will not need to sit any skills tests.

Q: I would like to train as a primary school teacher but my degree is not in a National Curriculum subject. Am I likely to be offered an interview?

A: It is usual, but not essential, for the content of an applicants’ degree to be appropriate to education and the primary curriculum. If you do not have a core curriculum degree, some teacher training providers may request that at least 50% of your degree relates to a core curriculum subject. It will be your responsibility to demonstrate this and advisable that it is demonstrated in your personal statement on your GTTR form. Interviewers will also consider your degree classification, the subjects you studied at A level and GCSE and any recent experience in a UK primary school before making the decision on whether to ask you for interview. The school experience should normally be a minimum of five days within the last three years and should have been completed by the interview day.

Q: What is the difference between a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education?

A:  In Wales, the only Professional Graduate Diploma in Education course is currently provided by Aberystwyth University and is only available for Secondary teaching. The different terminology relates to the fact that 40 credits of the course are at Master’s level. Many institutions will accept the M level credits as counting towards a full master's level qualification after you have completed your PGCE course. Both the PGCE and the PGDE courses will lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

 Q: How do I apply for the teacher training incentive?

 A:  The teacher training incentives have detailed eligibility criteria and guidance on this is published annually by the Welsh Government. The latest edition may be viewed here.

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