Mark Poole

What support did you receive while training?

The course was delivered by a team of lecturers who were very supportive and approachable. The course involved attending numerous coaching courses at the beginning of the year, completing four written assignments and participating on two teaching placements with a lecturer assigned as a mentor. The mentoring programme was excellent. If there were any problems or concerns the mentor would be there to help. Lessons were observed on a regular basis and constructive feedback given.

Did you enjoy your teaching placements?

I had two great schools for my teaching placements.  I learnt so much from these placements and more importantly felt a valued member of their PE department. I observed other members of the department to pick up strategies and lesson ideas when I had any free lessons. I also helped out in numerous extra curricular activities during lunchtimes and after school, and this was very much appreciated by members of the department.

What do you enjoy about teaching?

I really enjoy teaching and to be someone who has the opportunity to change an individual's life through the experiences they have whilst they are at school, is something very special indeed. The great thing about teaching is that it is varied; with every lesson and class you teach being different, you face new challenges everyday and you teach a wide variety of activities/sports. This is a job where boredom never occurs, it is highly enjoyable and gives brilliant job satisfaction.

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