The Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP)


Further information can be found via the ‘How the GTP operates’ link towards the bottom of this page.
GTP programmes in Wales are managed and delivered by the three regional centres of teacher training and education.

  • The three ITET Centres will act on behalf of employment-based ITET providers for the purpose of administering and delivering employment-based teacher training in Wales.
  • The ITET Centres and Regional Consortia will consider all applications and will make decisions about which ones to support, including the format of applications and setting a deadline for receipt of applications.

  • The ITET Centres will also be in a position to advise on the compatibility of degree subjects with making a GTP application and also on the entry requirements for the programme.

If you have any queries regarding making an application for a place on the GTP, please contact your regional ITET Centre.
All enquires should be directed to the contacts in the ITET centres listed here:
North and Mid Wales Centre for Teacher Education and Training:
South West Wales Centre of Teacher Education:
South East Wales Centre for Teacher Education:

If you have any queries about the policy behind Employment-based teacher training in Wales, you can contact the Education Directorate at the Welsh Government by e-mailing their Teaching Enquiries mailbox at


Click on the links below to see the application process for each category and also guidance for newcomers to the GTP:


The Graduate Teacher Programme is an employment based route into teaching in Wales which offers a way to qualify as a teacher while you work. Trainees undertake an individual programme designed to enable them to meet the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Standards.
In addition to fulfilling all the entry requirements for an initial teacher training programme, candidates for the GTP must hold a first degree or its equivalent in an appropriate subject i.e. a subject that is taught in schools.
The programme normally lasts one year full-time but trainees with suitable previous experience and qualifications may complete the programme in a shorter time (the minimum period is 3 months full-time/one school term).
The Welsh Government and employment-based ITT providers welcomes applications from people in under-represented groups i.e. minority ethnic groups and those with disabilities.

The GTP is only one route to Qualified Teacher Status. If there are no opportunities on the GTP for your phase of study or subject please explore this website for other options, details of accredited ITT providers and sources of funding.

This information only applies to the GTP in Wales. For information on the GTP arrangements in England, please contact the Teaching Information Line, which is an information service, by telephone on 0800 389 2500 or visit

If you have read the above documents and require further information before making an application to the GTP in Wales please contact your nearest ITET Centre:
North and Mid Wales Centre for Teacher Education and Training:

South West Wales Centre of Teacher Education:

South East Wales Centre for Teacher Education:


GTP Survey

The Welsh Assembly is undertaking a survey of the GTP programme and would like to receive responses from both participants and stakeholders.  The surveys can be found by accessing the links below:

GTP survey of participants
GTP survey of stakeholders


North and Mid Wales Centre of Teacher Education  South East Wales Centre for Teacher Education South West Wales Centre for Teacher Education